Sometimes the greatest gift we give others is the use of theirs…

“We have breakfast tacos and clean, bolied water. Coffee. Charging. Heat. Wifi! Come and get it- and spread the word.”- Heritage Park Baptist Church in Friendswood, Texas.

As I read these words from a local church on day 3 of the Winter Storm reaking havoc on our community, it caused me to pause. It made me reflect on a recent conversation I had regarding the changing roles of churches and schools in our communities, most specifically the roles of school and church leaders. Daniel Pink in his book, Drive, makes the case that motivation is highest when people are given the autonomy to inovate and create, feel a sense of purpose, and can strive towards mastery or improvement.

When reading Heritage Park’s message to their community, I immediately thought of how motivated to serve each member of this movement are as they unite in purpose, regardless of titles and roles, and share the work of service. I thought of how the church leaders tapped into the unique gifts and talents of each and allowed them to create a space to serve others, never seeking recognition but focusing on fulfilling those around them.

The message of Heritage Park also gave me hope– hope that we as educators will take the struggles that have seemed to surround us as of late and establish partnerships of service with our churches, as well as take time to sit down as leaders to co-construct the collaborative roles schools and churces can play in serving our communities and children based on all we have learned as a result of our recent crises, better known as opportunities.

Leaders empower. Leaders promote. Leaders serve. Leaders are not seen. Leaders unite.

Sometimes the greatest gift we give others is the use of theirs.

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