Charting the Journey of Public School Transformation

This blog is the result of years and years of reflection of how to truly transform school into a learning community in which students, teachers, parents, and community are all working together to support student learning. I am often asked how do you go about this enormous task of transforming a school into a community which prioritizes its sole purpose to support student learning.  I will start by sharing that it is always a journey. It must always remain a journey because students change, communities change, and  research shows us higher yield instructional practices.  Having served as a Principal at multiple campuses, I have to come to discover having a understanding of the steps of school transformation is possible.  However, make no mistake school transformation has more to do with belief shifts than it does with check lists and action steps.  Although these are necessary, no action without common and agreed upon beliefs will yield any improvement.  In fact, it will create change for change sake, which, in my experience, creates frustration and resentment.  Here in this blog, I will back up to chart what I have been able to learn about school transformation, as well as journal the continuing journey of creating a learning community within a public school of diverse needs, abilities, beliefs, and backgrounds.

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